Got Questions?

Thursdays | 6:30-7:30PM
April 23-June 11

From these uncertain and unsettling times emerge so many questions.  Over these next 8 weeks, together we will explore selected Scriptures with God’s eternal questions for us, as probing and relevant today as ever.  Sample questions:  Where are you?  Where is your brother?  What are you looking for?  We invite all adults of all ages to join us for questioning, sharing, and praying.
Contact: Kathy Allen

Women’s Group

Wednesdays | 8-9PM
April 22-June 10

If you are looking for a space to connect with other women for prayer, support, and practical tools to navigate this season, join us. The Women’s Spirituality Group is opening up to newcomers who would like to gather for the next 8 weeks. Our rhythm will include engaging together in practices of centering and spiritual connection, then breaking out into smaller groups for sharing, prayer, and support.
Contact: Meg Lacy Vega & Emily White

Men’s Group

Wednesdays | 6:30-7:30PM
April 22-June 10

In an uncertain time of social distance and global pandemic, we have an opportunity to anchor ourselves in spiritual fundamentals. For an eight week series, the Men’s Spirituality group will be connecting and nurturing our spiritual lives through an exploration of the Beatitudes, some of Jesus’ most fundamental teachings from the Sermon on the Mount. We’ll pray the Beatitudes and create space to share what we sense God is speaking to us through these timeless words. Newcomers welcome. 
Contact: JJ Vega & Jeff Harlow