Located at 1925 Grove Avenue in the heart of Richmond’s Fan District.

Established in 1983 as a ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church, TCCC seeks to holistically develop the physical, academic, spiritual, and social/emotional skills of each child. Our mission remains to provide an enriching climate focused on the safety and wellbeing of each child in a student-centered environment. TCCC provides services for children aged 12 weeks to 5 years. Each classroom is designed to provide developmental support while upholding the safest and most loving best practices.  We pride ourselves in a family-centered community that promotes love, learning, and sunshine. 

The foundation of brain development is the social and emotional experiences provided through caregiving influences. We practice relationship-based caregiving where responsiveness to a child’s needs and interests is our priority. These practices positively impact the child’s cognitive, language, and social-emotional development while promoting healthy bonds.  Activities, lessons, and play are designed to offer strategies and challenges appropriate for each milestone in a safe and loving environment. This relationship-based, responsive care along with proactive routines builds attachment and security for our young learners.

A core content of academics supported by the creative arts are offered in meaningful cross-curricular activities and provide the foundation for lifelong learning.  Our hope for learning through active play and student initiated discovery is developed through engaging lesson plans.  Intentional organized and free-play is devised to build the skills necessary to become productive and caring classroom citizens.  Our daily objective is to build fellowship through communal activities and meals, an abundance of nature and outside time, free play and exploration, and field trips and community events.  

With an emphasis on active learning, students will learn through a constructionist lens of discovery and experiential learning. Students will learn literacy skills, develop mathematical knowledge, and explore their community and the sciences, while being exposed to the creative arts. Classroom management focuses on clear expectations, reflective practices, social skill building, and positive behavior incentives and supports. 

Students two years and up participate in weekly music and chapel in addition to their classroom lessons.  TCCC offers an ecumenical environment aiming to teach children God’s principles emphasizing value judgement, moral conduct, and character growth/development. TCCC presents a monthly bible verse that helps unite the values and teachings throughout the month and enhances lessons.   Students have an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities offered through outside vendors both during and after school.  The selection varies, however the aim to provide a spectrum of interests and activity levels.


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