Like Christ-followers of previous generations, we are recipients of God’s extravagant hospitality. With open arms, Christ welcomes all. Together, as Tabernacle Baptist Church, we seek to understand God’s call on our lives personally and collectively through Scripture, the leading of the Holy Spirit, the example and teaching of Jesus Christ, and our experience as a community of Christ-followers. Through our callings, we strive for deliberate engagement in our core values of mission, discipleship, worship, and fellowship. Hearing and responding to God’s call, we are becoming an increasingly diverse church family. 

Our experience with Christ reveals a Savior who is calling and equipping all to share in the Kingdom of God. We commit to embody and uphold that invitation with persons of every age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic situation, intellectual or physical capability, gender-identity, and sexual orientation represented in our midst. Through hospitality, worship, prayer, Bible study, large and small group conversation, and discernment, we partner with all Christ-followers as our lives intertwine with one another, from birth to death and in between, especially in our : 


church membership,



ordination to deacon service and vocational ministry, 

and mission.

Amid the beauty and tension of our diversity, we find room to agree and disagree, to ask questions and hear responses, to be vulnerable with one another, to move into and away from dialogue as needed, all with grace and respect for our needs and the needs of our neighbors. Above all, we affirm a unanimous desire to serve God and to love others as Christ has loved us.

* Our Statement of Welcome was adopted, by consensus, in 2017.