… About Our Core Values:

The Tabernacle Baptist Church, located in the heart of Richmond Virginia’s historic Fan District, is a part of the worldwide and ecumenical body of Christ. We are a small, inclusive faith community with an open and friendly spirit. This is a place where persons from far and wide come to share in a unique and comfortable environment-with an intimate and loving congregation-while working together to display Christ’s love to the world.

We believe God wants us to make a difference in our neighborhood, country, and world through the faithful use of our time, talents, resources, and location. We value the strength of Baptist freedoms which include a belief in the priesthood of all believers, the freedom to interpret scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the autonomy of the local church, and the separation between the church and the state. We are a church striving together as one to embody the values of worship, fellowship, mission, and discipleship.

We value:


We strive to be a congregation rooted in the participatory worship of God, where personal relationships are nurtured and all persons are encouraged to creatively and meaningfully express their unique gifts and stories in the worship experience.


We are deliberate in our efforts to genuinely love and care for one another and to create an environment where all persons can be intimately known and can grow as members of the family of God.


We affirm that our local church, as part of the universal Church, has been given the task of living out the life-giving and life-changing message of Christ’s ministry on earth: to minister to the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of all those we encounter. We pledge to use all our resources and lives to share in God’s mission to the world.


We are a Christ-centered family that is passionate about equipping persons of every age to discover their calling in the world through spiritual formation, leadership development, and faithful living that is shaped by our personal relationships with Jesus Christ, the moving of the Holy Spirit, prayer, study of scripture, and the practices of mission, worship and fellowship.

Pentecost Sunday (2018) from Sterling W. Severns on Vimeo.