Worship is at the center of our practice as a Christian Community. We come together to give God the best we have to offer, to testify, build up the fellowship, and equip people to step out into the world to serve. We encourage the church to actively participate in person whenever they can do so. We also encourage them to participate via the livestream when they cannot be physically present. 

No matter who you are, or where you live,
you are welcome to join us for worship.  

We invite you to join friends and family, from all over the United States and world, for worship through the livestream Ministry.  

  • Some of our livestream congregants are regulars: they are actively connected to the church and, in many cases, have been sent out into the world to serve.  
  • We have a handful of homebound members, vacationers, and/or caregivers that join us through the livestream when they can’t be physically present. 
  • Of course, we also look forward to first-time guests joining us through the livestream ministry!   

You’ll note that anyone can subscribe through the livestream platform to receive notifications about upcoming worship services. You can also view and share worship services after the fact. 

Last Sunday’s Service:

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