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Protocol Team Update November 8, 2021…………

We make the road by walking. No doubt, the road that we traveled in the past 20 months ended up looking much different than what we expected. We have endured much, but have also learned much. It has prepared us to move forward.

One thing that God is showing us at this point in time is that COVID-19 is probably here to stay. Numerous local and national public health experts confirm that. The good news is that we now have effective vaccines to protect the most vulnerable from severe illness, hospitalization and death. Though we hope that no one gets COVID, clearly identified and effective treatments are available. Additionally, vaccines for children have been approved and should be readily available soon.

Community infection and transmission rates continue to affect decisions about how we interact with one another, especially within our faith community. The good news is that increased vaccination rates in the communities where we live, work, and worship can significantly decrease transmission rates. Casual conversations with many within our community tell us that the vast majority of the adults in our congregation have been vaccinated. Within our own community, not only have we protected ourselves, but we have also protected others with whom we come in contact. Additionally, the last 20 months have made us acutely aware of monitoring our own wellness and recognizing the impact that it could have on others. Furthermore, the ionization equipment in the sanctuary provides an additional layer of protection for us as a community.

This information gives us the confidence to say that we support proceeding with a more relaxed approach in our interactions with one another. We recommend the following guidelines:

  • Assess your own personal/family risk, then alter YOUR behavior to mitigate that risk in the best way possible.
  • Wearing a mask indoors is recommended, especially for children and those who have not been vaccinated, which is consistent with VDH and CDC guidelines.
  • Seating will no longer be restricted.
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • If you have been in contact with others at a church function in the past 5 days, and you find that you have become ill shortly afterwards, get a COVID test to confirm if it is COVID. If you have been diagnosed with COVID, contact the people you were with and the leadership of the activity to advise them to get tested.
  • Participants may share a meal in community as long as the above criteria are met. Food may be prepared and shared by participants without restriction.
  • Leaders in individual ministry areas (Community Ministry, Music) may modify these recommendations as needed to address the perceived risk profile of their own activities.

This protocol provides broad guidelines that empowers both individuals and ministry groups the opportunity to make decisions that will best suit their own needs, but will provide the healthiest environment for our community to reconnect in ways they have been denied in the past 20 months. This is essential in providing an atmosphere of hope and growth.

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3rd Quarter Business Meeting – October 31, 2021

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