Delving Deeper: Community Bias

Last Sunday, we continued our series on biasses. 

Community Bias: It’s almost impossible to see what our community doesn’t, can’t, or won’t see.  

Here are some helpful resources to delve deeper into some root causes of this particular bias and wisdom from some fellow sojourners. We encourage you to deliberately seek out time with fellow Jesus followers as you explore and pray about this in the week ahead.

  1. Listen to Community Bias: a brief introduction.
  2. Listen to the Sermon. (John 4)
  3. Going against the flow: Listen to the Podcast or Read the transcript of the conversation.
  4. Seeing as a social act: Listen to the Podcast or Read the transcript of the conversation.
  5. To Be a Healer: Explore the devastating role of loneliness and begin to practice deeper forms of connection (including solitude with God)  Listen to the Podcast or Read the transcript of the conversation.
  6. Reflect on a quote:

“It is not physical solitude that actually separates one from others, not physical isolation, but spiritual isolation. It is not the desert island nor the stony wilderness that cuts you off from the people you love. It is the wilderness in the mind, the desert wastes in the heart through which one wanders lost and a stranger. When one is a stranger to oneself, then one is estranged from others, too.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh Gift From the Sea

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Reflection & Response

Each Sunday in Lent, worship participants are encouraged to reflect upon a specific question related to the theme for the day. At the end of the service, each worshipper is prompted to write their response on a piece of paper and bring it forward to the altar. In the week that follows, the slips of paper are turned into cocoons and added into the liturgical installation in the Sanctuary. 

We encourage worshippers in the virtual acre to participate by use of this anonymous survey tool. We’ll transpose your typed response onto tangible paper to create a cocoon.

Guidance on receiving your Epiphany Star (word)During the invitation in today’s service (1.8.23)

During the invitation in today’s service, you are invited to click on this link to request a star (word for the year):

One of your fellow worshippers will be asked to gather a star for you. We’ll reach out in the next couple of days to real your word and you can anticipate receiving the tangible star sometime in the week ahead.

FOR OUR GUESTS:This practice is incredibly meaningful to our little church. You picked a fantastic day to join us! * Your star will have a word written on it. * There are 100+ different words we’ve written on the stars and folks aren’t given the option of trading their word in for another. As you pray and reflect upon your word throughout 2023, it’s possible God wants you be more deliberate in your embracing of something. It’s equally possible the word represents something God will help you relinquish or re-frame. The fullness of the gift can only be revealed in time.

Holy Week 2021

Holy Week is a special time in the life of Tabernacle, where we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Please consider taking part in our online services and coming for times of outdoor fellowship this week!

Find a few minutes each day to read through Understanding the Cross: a home-based Holy Week devotional based on Jesus’ “seven last words”. You can download a digital version or come pick up a paper copy at church on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday: March 28 

11:00 AM – Worship with us on Livestream.

12:30-2:00 PM – Drive by the church to pick up a palm cross and a Holy Week devotional from the staff. Stay a few minutes to say hello outdoors if the weather is nice.

Maundy Thursday: April 1

7:00 PM – Zoom birthday party for Sterling featuring communion! April fools, it’s Maundy Thursday Zoom Worship. Maundy Thursday is about preparation and service.  Before this gathering you will want to prepare your physical space as well as your spiritual and mental being.  To prepare your space:  choose a quiet space in your home where you can participate in this Zoom meeting with as few distractions as possible.  You may want to light a candle to remind yourself of the presence of God in your space.  A piece of paper and a pencil or pen will be helpful to fully participate.  If you want you can prepare some food for a simple meal while we meet.  If we were together in one space we would be scattered among the Sanctuary eating hummus, grapes, pita bread, olives and carrots.  You will want to gather the elements for communion in advance—a cracker or a piece of bread and something to drink.  

Discussion Guide | Zoom Link

Good Friday: April 2 

12 PM – Noon Livestream service based on the Seven Last Words of Christ. Join us live or plan to watch later in the day with your family.

Easter: April 4 

6:00 AM – Check your email for a virtual Sunrise service that will feature music and celebration of the resurrection. If you’re not on our mailing list, sign up here.

11:00 AM – Easter Sunday service on Livestream including bread for the journey for Cung Thawng and Hlei lang.

12:30-3:00 PM – The flower cross will be out on the portico for you to come and add your flowers and take photos.