Pause. Connect. Worship. Grow.

Sabbath is the culmination of Creation. We set aside the Sabbath day for the purpose of holy rest, sacred connection, and life-giving worship. For Fall 2020, we are moving into a new rhythm of communal life together. The rhythm begins and ends with Sabbath, and then begins again…

Whereas the day is shaped by freedom, we are encouraging everyone to set time aside for three unique movements: PRELUDE, communal GATHERING, and CIRCLES. Begin your day with a quiet, reflective time with God at the place and time of your choosing. Join us from 11 to 11:30AM (EDT) for a brief interactive service. Connect and experience spiritual growth in meaningful conversation with a small group of people.


prepare your hearts for worship 
The prelude portion of worship on the Sabbath day is intended to provide a space where you can begin to pull yourself out of the busyness of your day to day life and center yourself in your life with God. The prelude may be experienced alone or with a circle of people. You can develop a personal contemplative rhythm or opt to enter into a communal virtual space for contemplation (reflective music, directed meditation, and space for silence). It is a time to remember that you are constantly surrounded by the presence of God.


continuing Sabbath through the gathering of the larger community
We encourage everyone to converge in the same virtual space for a brief time of communal worship from 11-11:30AM (EDT). We gather authentically through the creative use of Livestream, diverse voices in worship leadership, and a continued embracing of the “scratches and dents” in the lives of our congregants and on the old pews in our virtual worship space. The Gathering ends after the reading of the weekly scripture passages and the passing of the peace. Some of us will remain in the same virtual space to begin Circles, while others will leave the space to engage in Circles at different points in the Sabbath day.


gather with others to nurture your soul
Deepening our faith means growing with other disciples. Here you can find resources for small group gatherings, including a link to weekly sermons and scriptures, prompts for group discussion on the current week’s theme, and family-friendly activities. These resources can be used in an ongoing group, or for a one-time gathering. If you’d like to join an ongoing Circle, sign up here!

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