Tabernacle Baptist Church cherishes her past, is working hard in the present, and is dreaming new dreams for the future. The congregation and staff are working together to make a difference in the neighborhood and city where God has placed us. Denominational and local ecumenical leaders have described us as a re-emerging downtown church brimming with creative energy and a heart for those in need. We tend to view ourselves as “the little church that could.”

Tabernacle has a rich history that spans over a 130 years. Its history includes large numerical growth in the early part of the twentieth century, followed by a period of decline as people left the city for the suburbs. Nearly fifty years ago, Tabernacle made a conscious decision to remain in the city. It was a decision that some questioned, particularly since the Fan District, where the church is located, was in a period of decline. However, the church stayed and remained actively engaged in ministry in the heart of the city.

Today, we are experiencing a renaissance. There is a feeling of optimism in the community and among our church family as many people are moving back into our neighborhood. God has blessed us immeasurably through each chapter of our existence and the revival we are experiencing is nothing short of miraculous. A vital component of our recent history dates back to October of 2007 when two Burmese Refugee families came in through our doors. Today, almost one third of us are Chin, Karen, Kachin, and Lisu refugees.  Words cannot begin to express the transformation that has taken place over the course of these last years together.  

We would welcome you to join us in ministry and mission in our neighborhood, city, and world. Join us as we meet God in unexpected ways.