Join us on the podcast this week as we talk about creativity as a spiritual practice!

When you were a child, you knew yourself to be co-creator of the universe.

But little by little you forgot who you were.

-Mirabai Starr,
Wild Mercy

Pray as you go: Put Two Things Together

The practice of creativity is more broad than we give it credit for. Chase Jarvis, the author of Creative Calling defines creativity as “the act of combining or arranging two or more unlikely things in new or useful ways.”

This week, get creative in some small way--through your work, your parenting, your cooking, or the aesthetic of your space, by putting two or more unlikely things together.

Consider this your prayer.

God created us in God’s image, and we were made to be co-creators with God. When we tap into our creative spark, we tap into the Spirit of God within us.

Family Practice: COLLage

This cut-and-glue craft activity for families helps build creativity, improve motor skills, and create memorable pieces of art.

scissors (child safety if you have young ones)
colored paper with predetermined shapes
magazine clippings or photos
drawing paper
cloth, wood, stickers, or any other items you have around

Gather your supplies and invite everyone to spend time together at the table. Open with a prayer, thanking God for creating the world, and for inviting us to create, too. You can make a family collage together, or each make your own collage. When you are finished, ask each member of the family to share about what they created.

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