Throughout this summer of 2020 we will be working with the concepts that are central to our Christian belief system in an effort to reframe them in a way that will enable us to more effectively do the work of ministry through our church in the 21 Century.

Reframing means to change the way something is expressed or considered. The vaule and truth of the ideas being reframed do not change, we are simply trying to look at them in different ways and through different lenses.

We began by reminding ourselves of the basic tenents of our faith. On June 7, we considered the Trinity, June 14, God, June 21, Jesus and June 28, the Holy Spirit.

The months of July and August will be spent looking at the church as a manifestation of God’s work in this world. Current events have certainly worked in the last few months to push for and now to demand that we reframe the ways in which we as Christians live and work in this world.