Membership: please be prepared to vote on Tues, March 31

One the core principles for Baptists is Autonomy of the Local Church. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, each congregation determines how it’s members will make significant decisions together. In the current COVID-19 crisis, we’re going to need to be creative in how to make decisions together. We encourage members to educate themselves through the website, TBC App,  and/or communicating with church leadership. The church office will be in touch by March 20, 2020 with details about multiple formats for voting. 

Click here to download ballot

Click here to listen to the podcast about the creation of a new finance team.

A message from Will Cumbia to TBC:

Preparing for an upcoming vote: A newly formed Finance Team

The nominating committee has been hard at work on the creation of a new leadership concept to better support our Church Treasurer. Long story short, we are expecting too much out one volunteer. Thus, we’re having a hard time finding volunteers to serve.

We are striving to create an environment where balance is valued. We want church to be a place where people are spiritually nurtured and their God-given gifts are used to do great things in the world. Burnout makes it nearly impossible for us to live into the fullness that Christ desires for each of us.

Whereas, anyone is welcome to listen to the podcast, the intended purpose of the 25 minute interview with Woody Jenkins, Co-Chair of the Nominating Committee, is information sharing. We want our congregants to have access to helpful information. Informed dialogue helps us to make informed decisions together!

Here are three supportive documents to help you dive deeper, if so desired.

Next Steps:

  1. Deacons will make a decision as to whether or not they approve the creation of the Team.
  2. Pending Deacon approval, the Nominating Committee will officially present names of members that have been nominated to serve.
  3. The congregation receives the names and spends the next two weeks praying, entering into informed dialogue, and asking questions.
  4. Congregation votes two weeks after they first received the names.
  5. Pending approval of the congregation, the four individuals would begin their good work together.