Pastoral Reflection: Bread for the Journey

Pastor Sterling Severns reflects on his experience coming to the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and his experiences as a young pastor in the Richmond area. When has God transformed what felt like a mistake in your life into part of your call or journey through faith?

Ritual: Remembrance of Baptism (1.10.21)

Missed the zoom at the end of today’s Gathering? This video was created for you and/or your loved ones should you want to move through the Remembrance of baptism ritual. All are welcome!

A Final Pastoral Update for the year 2020

Rev. Sterling W. Severns, Pastor Our Pastor, Rev. Sterling W. Severns, offers one last update for 2020, the year that none of us asked for but all of us got....the year we were given an opportunity to pause and prepare to BEGIN AGAIN.


PREPARATION: Please do your best to dive into the data from our church-wide survey and also re-famaliarize yourself with our experimental hospitality covenant from this summer…..prior to our time together.  You also have the option of viewing a recorded slide presentation (20 minutes). The presentation gives an overview of the survey results, including a breakdown … Continue reading PREPARING FOR THIS WEEK’S TOWN HALL MEETING, WEDNESDAY @ 9 PM (EST)