Food Pantry and Clothes Closet Report: January 2019


The pantry’s The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) moved to the first Saturday of every month to allow for a new program, Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), to start. CSFP is currently available to seniors 60+ during the usual Thursday time slot. The clothes closet is under a revision process and currently only opens on the first Saturdays.

There are currently 85 seniors signed up for CSFP at Tabernacle Baptist. CSFP is:

  • WHAT: CSFP supports the nutritional needs of low-income individuals by providing wholesome food to supplement their diet, while helping stretch their food dollars.”
  • WHO: “low-income seniors at least 60 years of age who are at risk of and vulnerable to malnutrition.”
  • DETAILS: “Boxes include a variety of canned items (e.g., fruit, vegetables, meat or fish), bottled juice, shelf-stable and instant dry milk, cheese, pasta or rice, dry beans or peanut butter and cereal.”

The TEFAP food program at Tabernacle had 1253 total visits in 2018. TEFAP is open to those who qualify for emergency assistance food. This is a bag filled with 2-3 days of food. No one walks out empty handed that asks for food. If someone does not qualify for TEFAP or CSFP the church has their own food pantry to help with those needs.

The food pantry and clothes closet had many volunteers this year. I could list them all, but I fear I would miss someone. Thank you to each person who helped serve the community. Thank you to the USDA delivery team that helps unload the Feed More truck each month. Thank you, Vincent, for all you do to help the pantry. Thank you, Thursday crew, and the Saturday crew for serving in the pantry and clothes closet. Thank you to various church groups, local schools, and business teams that volunteer their time to Tabernacle’s pantry. Thank you to everyone that donated items to the pantry and clothes closet throughout the year.

Hope Nycum
Hunger Ministries Director