Tabernacle Stories: Week 4 (Naomi Reddish)

“We need to tell stories as a testimony to what God has done and is doing. If we do not share the stories, their power and truth are diluted, and their impact forgotten” (Beth Reddish Wright and Barbara Davis).

This seven-week series centers on the theme of “testimony.” Each week, we are inviting one or two people from our congregation to share stories about their spiritual journeys and where they have seen God at work in their lives. We will have time to ask questions and explore together how God is movineg among us at Tabernacle and in the world. This series meets in the fellowship hall from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings. Tabernacle Stories begins on April 6th and will continue throughout the Easter season until May 18th.

2016 TBC Stories Schedule:

April 6 – Jay Hartman
April 13 – Gail & Bill Welstead
April 20 – Larry and Kathy Allen
April 27 – Naomi Reddish
May 4 – Vincent Sallie
May 11 – Bya Wann
May 18 – Samuel Lian