Call Stories: Hogan Brock

For the next few weeks on Thursdays, we’re sharing a series of podcasts about the call stories of our pastoral staff.

This week we’re hearing from Hogan Brock, our Minister of Youth. He joined our staff last August, and we’re so glad to have him on our team, working to disciple and care for our youth!

Meet Vincent Sallie!

Meet Vincent Sallie! 
A few weeks ago, Vincent celebrated his fourth Anniversary with us!  During this time, he has been serving faithfully by keeping our facilities clean and maintained. Vincent brings many skills to his work—he is a problem solver, a great multi-tasker, and a relationship builder. Vincent’s favorite thing about his job: you! Vincent loves the people at Tabernacle, and getting to interact with you on Wednesday nights, or throughout the week in the building. He is always greeting those coming in for Bible study on Tuesdays with warm hugs and connecting with the children at TCCC with laughter and fun. 
For 2019, the Personnel Committee has recommended a new trial job description for Vincent’s position: Building Services Coordinator. This role will continue to include custodial duties, but also reflects Vincent’s role with the Building and Grounds Committee and the maintenance of our systems and spaces.  The TBC Administrative Board approved this trial position in March, and Vincent will begin working with the Building and Grounds Committee next month. You can read the trial job description for this position below. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Personnel Committee or Administrative Board. And next time you see Vincent, make sure to offer your appreciation for all he does for us each week!