Call Stories: Hogan Brock

For the next few weeks on Thursdays, we’re sharing a series of podcasts about the call stories of our pastoral staff.

This week we’re hearing from Hogan Brock, our Minister of Youth. He joined our staff last August, and we’re so glad to have him on our team, working to disciple and care for our youth!

Youth Report: January 2019


This winter, the youth continued to study and learn together. We celebrated and supported Kekoa Burgess in his baptism. We welcomed Meesha Moses into the youth group when her mother, Jerusha, joined TBC as Minister to Children. We welcomed Ali Powell back as she and her family returned from resting after the birth of her sister, Ruby Powell. Throughout the fall and winter, many youth led in worship through music, reading scripture, and dramatic storytelling.
Meg Lacy joined Youth Worship Arts on Sunday afternoons to lead a small group in liturgical writing. The group of writers has written Calls to Worship for the Epiphany season and will be leading us in worship for the rest of the season.
In December, the youth helped plan one of the contemplative Advent services that took place on Wednesday night. Working together to plan this service allowed the youth to dig deeper into what makes worship meaningful to them and what seems empty. Thinking through worship in that way proved to be meaningful and has opened up some good conversations!
At the end of December, the youth said thank you to Sarah Smith and Andrew Sabatini for their leadership in Sunday School. After many months of teaching, they will be taking a break from teaching to rest, recover, and reinvest in their own spirituality. We are thankful for Judy Fiske, Ron Simmons, Marty Watkins, Emily White, Kathy McGraw, Gerard Burton, Sara Anne and John Burgess, Sandi Lowery, Jerry and Jenny Jones, Matt Jones, Mark Snipes, Sterling Severns, David Gorman, all of those who provided meals for the youth, and so many others who have supported and loved the youth group so well this quarter and throughout the year.

Grace and Peace,
Minister to Students

Let’s Talk About Sex: Week 9

This is the ninth session of our fall 2015 Wednesday night Adult series. Our topic this week is “How to Talk to your Young Children about Sex and Sexuality.” We’re making these podcasts available if you are unable to join us on Wednesday nights in the fellowship hall. You are also invited to join us on Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:15am in the parlor to discuss the previous Wednesday’s topic. These sessions will be led by Rev. Kristen Koger.

Tentative Schedule for the Series

Introductions and Context
September 9
Week 1 – Introduction, Ground Rules, and Big Questions

September 16
Week 2 – Sexuality and Objectification in Contemporary Culture

Sex and Sexuality in the Bible
September 23
Week 3 – Sex and Sexuality in the Old Testament, part 1

September 30
Week 4 – Sex and Sexuality in the Old Testament, part 2

October 7
Week 5 – Sex and Sexuality in the New Testament, part 1

October 14
Week 6 – Sex and Sexuality in the New Testament, part 2

Healthy Sexual Relationships Today
October 21
Week 7 – The Biology of Sexuality

October 28
Week 8 – Sex and Marriage

November 4
Week 9 – How to Talk to your Young Children about Sex and Sexuality

November 11
Week 10 – How to Talk to your Teenagers about Sex and Sexuality

November 18
Week 11 – How to have Difficult Conversations

December 2
Week 12 – Dealing with Shame and Guilt

December 9
Week 13 – Toward a New Theology of Sexuality (Closing session)