The nominating committee is requesting your help!  We are looking for your recommendations of those who should be asked to serve as Tabernacle Baptist Church deacons for a 3-year term, beginning January, 2013.  Please share with the committee those persons you recommend that are already ordained, but not currently serving, and those you wish to recommend as a good person to be considered for ordination as a new deacon.

You might use the profile below as a guide to identify those members of our church who you feel should be nominated.   You do not need to ask the members you would like to nominate about their availability to serve.  The committee will use the information for each nominee you provide and be guided by the working of the Holy Spirit in following up with nominees and in making a final recommendation to the church.


Biblical Qualifications:      

Acts 2:18                Spiritual Influence

Acts 6:1-3               Full of faith and Holy Spirit

1 Timothy 3:8-13  Full of wisdom

Romans 16:1         Honest and good report

Service:                      Shows commitment to others through service

Stewardship:             Demonstrates faithfulness in giving and believes in the power of tithing

Fellowship:                Enters into full fellowship through regular attendance and participation at Tabernacle Baptist Church


Deacons currently serving and not eligible for recommendations:

Molly Huffstetler (2), Linda Southworth (2), Tim Reddish (2), Wint Wint Zah (2), Carol McMurray (1)

Mamie Ruth Blanton (1), Bill Blanton (1), Connie Jones (1), Gail Welstead (1), Kathy McGraw (1)

Bobby McGraw (1)


Your careful consideration and participation are important to our church family!  The attached form contains a format to assist you in your nominations.

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