Join the church staff in reading a novel during Lent (February 13 – March 28).  We will be reading and chatting about The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.  This novel, written by Rachel Joyce, was published in 2012.  The story had its beginnings as a radio drama written by Joyce as she was dealing with the death of her father from cancer.  Though the story had its beginnings in sadness it is a delightful book that follows the journey of a retired Englishman who begins a pilgrimage to visit a former co-worker who is dying of cancer.  As he walks across the English countryside he encounters many interesting people and situations.

Grab a copy of the book and let’s read and talk.  It was released last summer so there should be plenty of used copies out there!  You can also get the book on your Kindle, Ipad or Nook.   Lent is a time of pilgrimage so we will be reading and discussing this joyful and challenging journey to see what we can learn from Harold Fry.

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