We welcome your questions as we move forward with our God-Sized Vision campaign.  You will find a Vision Campaign Questions mailbox and blank white cards near the sanctuary to write down your questions.  Please use these cards as a way to communicate your questions, and we will be certain to respond either by phone call and/or article in the TAB.  Be sure to write down your name and phone number on your card if you prefer to receive a personal phone call.

The questions below were received after our Vision Event on May 4th.

Question A: 
Has the church discussed borrowing money in regards to this (these) projects? (Especially in regards to pledge commitments)

Question B:
Are we going to take out any loans or look into that possibility with the VA Baptists if we don’t get all of the funds by the end of the 3-year period or do that to begin construction early?

The Church will not borrow funds (from banks or the Virginia Baptist Foundation) to finance the construction; however, we may consider borrowing against the commitment amounts. This type of funding would have to be approved by the Church and analyzed carefully.


Will you be beginning projects as money comes in or waiting until the full 2 million comes in?
We will wait until the total commitment amount is known before deciding how to proceed, including possible phasing.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the success of this campaign.  Do not hesitate to ask any question that you may have!


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