We would like to thank all who attended the Business Meeting this past Sunday either in person or via Zoom.  The Leadership Team would like to thank you for engaging in wonderful discussion of how we move forward together and for reading the proposal.

A word from Erin:

“What we saw in the room was that many of us gravitate toward particular areas of interest/concern. God designed it, and us, that way. The only way we can knit those things together, albeit imperfectly, is for us to show up and engage in the conversations and the solutions.”

A word from Donna:

“Personally, I truly appreciated the honest and caring responses we heard.”

Please be aware, the team heard what was said at the meeting and will be taking the comments seriously as they move forward in creating an actionable plan for 2022-2023 that can be aligned with the budget.  This is certainly a plan, understanding that plans can be modified as new opportunities arise.  We will have choices to make as we learn how to simplify and focus as “We make the road by walking.”

To read the proposal again, click here. To watch the recording of the business meeting click here.

The Leadership Team consist of a minimum of one active member of each official committee, the majority of our church officers, pastoral staff members, three individuals that have both served as deacons in the past and trusted leaders in the congregation. 

The members of the Administrative Board are serving as the congeners of the leadership team.

If you have additional feedback please let a team member know:

ADMIN BOARD: Woody Jenkins, Jessica Corbitt, Anita McCarty
TCCC: Erin Braford
PASTORAL STAFF: Judy Fiske, April Kennedy, Sterling Severns
FINANCE COMMITTEE: Dan Herman, Jim Soyars, Margaret Ailes
PERSONNEL COMMITTEE: Penny Jenkins, Burdette Robinson, William Welstead, Barbara Satterwhite
PREVIOUS DEACONS: Naomi Reddish, Jerry Jones, Bill Gradwell

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