Dear beloved members of Tabernacle:

The Deacon Board has the unique honor and privilege to serve as spiritual leaders in the church. From making hospital visits and writing birthday cards to constant prayers and heartfelt conversations in person or over the phone, the members of the deacon board have had a stellar year caring for each member of the congregation!

Last year, the deacon board had the honor of ordaining into ministry Kristen Koger and Megan Fullerton Strollo. We ordained as deacons Jerry Jones, Anita McCarty, John Burgess, Anna Tuckwiller, and Bawk Ja Makha. Many thanks to all of these individuals who have accepted a new calling within our own congregation and within the universal Church. Our prayers are with each of you as you begin to settle into the new role!

In addition to spiritual care, the deacon board serves to aid the pastoral staff in their work. This past year, subgroups of the deacon board worked to hire Art Wright as the Minister of Spiritual Formation and Samuel Uk Ceu Lian as our Intern for the youth. In addition, after much prayer and deliberation, the board approved a new arrangement of our annual mission giving. This rearrangement gave more of the blessing of funds to ministries that are local and/or personal to Tabernacle, including ReEstablish Richmond, Camp Alkulana, the Coppage family, and Joe Perdue serving at Metro Baptist Church.

We’ve had a wonderful year of ministry, and we look forward to another great year! There are big things coming, and we hope that you will be in prayer alongside the deacon board about how we can all serve this place that we call home!

In Christ,

Megan Strollo

Chairperson of the Board of Deacons, 2015

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