Greeting to you, sisters and brothers in Christ. I hope this finds each of you well. I give thanks to God for you and what you have done in my life. I’m grateful and thankful for giving me the opportunity be the pastoral intern for the youth. Never have I thought this would be possible but God works in a mysterious way. It is a precious honor and blessing not only for me but also, for my family.

Hence, I’m grateful for my family here and loved ones in Chin State for walking alongside with me and help me to become who I am today! However, Tabernacle and its members have a big role in my life since I first worship our God with you six years ago. This is our new home. Even though there was language barrier, you’ve raised me by your actions. You have helped, guided, taught and shown me what it means to be a follower of Christ and how to love the people of God. There is not enough word to describe.

As I say “YES” to His calling to be pastoral intern for the youth, I can’t give thanks enough for my youth ministers, a few to name: Megan Strollo, Dan Schumacher who have guided since I got here, especially Eric Hasha. I hope that you will walk alongside with me on this journey as I walk with the youth. I, myself and the youth need your guidance and prayers as we take in this chapter in our lives.

May our God with you as always.


Grace and Peace,

Samuel Lian

Pastoral Intern, Youth

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