Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to Frances for her faithfulness and steadfast care of numerous children, parents, and teachers. Frances is a pastor, mentor, and counselor. She is also a gifted plumber, painter, referee, party planner, accountant, nurse, bus coordinator, and cook. The Director’s job description morphs with each passing day as God brings new life into the center and the old building responds with the presentation of a new challenge. She is the quintessential model of a jack-of-all-trades. 

She would want us to mark this anniversary with an acknowledgement of the extraordinary parade of teachers that have served faithfully in the guidance of children. She’s right, they’ve been amazing. However, with that said, Frances has helped to bring out the best in our teachers. Her commitment to their development has helped put the Tabernacle Baptist Church Child Care Center on the map in our community. 

God has used her ministry to share the light of Christ and equip generations of children, and adults, to share that light as they venture out into world. We are blessed for the gift of her ministry and I feel blessed, beyond measure, to call her my friend.  


– Rev. Sterling W. Severns, Pastor

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