Dear Family,

I want to thank everyone for their hard work and trust as we wrapped up the end of the church year in a whirlwind of ministry and worship. Last weekend’s Fan Feast was a tremendous success as we fed over 145 neighbors and volunteers. The event was well organized with an abundance of energy, delightful cuisine, warm clothing, and deep conversation. The kitchen crew, clothes organizers, servers, and greeters represented their Savior and his church with great integrity. The love of Christ beamed at the corner of Grove and Meadow last Saturday.

The events of last Sunday were also quite meaningful as we dedicated ourselves to the spiritual upbringing of two children, welcomed Will Cumbia into the fold, offered bread for the journey to Jacque, and gave thanks to God for the year behind us! Even as I type this, our New York Mission Team is cooking 17 turkeys at Metro Baptist Church!

I have asked key leadership in the church to make a commitment, alongside the Pastoral Staff, to dedicate these next few weeks to rest and renewal. Our prayerful reflection will provide necessary space to breath and prepare for someone new. The season ahead will provide multiple opportunities for us to express our gratitude to God, reconnect with one another, and welcome new friends into the fold. Let’s begin this new church year setting a tone for the revival at hand.

Hope to see you on Sunday for the first Sunday in Advent. We will baptize Haley during worship and, later that afternoon, we will re-convene to celebrate the life and legacy of Charlotte Wright!

Yours in Christ,

Sterling W. Severns

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