First and foremost, the minister is often the primary reason people come to a church.  In this area we are extremely fortunate to have Rev. Sterling Severns, as his sermons are not only inspiring but most educational. There have been many a Sunday he has brought me to tears in the eloquent manner in which he delivers his message.The warmth of the members is infectious.  You are greeted by all with such genuine joy and warm affection.The exceptional extension of love and joy extended to our Burmese members is so appropriate, since we are intended to give our love and help to all people. The music is glorious and dimensional.  It is part of what lifts your spirit during the service. The Sunday School class is a joy in itself, and I gain much knowledge and inspiration from our learned leader, Bill Welstead. Last of all, I love donning myself in finery, since we love to get all dressed to go to “somewhere” special.

– Adella Watlington

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