June 14, 2022
Dear Members and friends, 
TBC’s Admin Board is thrilled to announce that we have voted to approve Sabrina Jones for the role of Director at Tabernacle Child Care Center.
Sabrina came to TCCC as an in-classroom teacher in February 2020. Working closely with our former Director, Kristen OSullivan, Sabrina began taking on more administrative support tasks and managed the scheduling of the full and part-time workers. When Kristen announced she was leaving TCCC, Sabrina was recommended for, and became, the Interim Co-director of the program. 
Sabrina has demonstrated a deep commitment to TCCC throughout her tenure. As Interim Co-Director, she has impressed staff and TCCC families with her willingness and ability to jump in, learn quickly, and make decisions that are already benefiting the school.
The members of the TCCC Ministry Committee and TCCC Admin Committee have had the pleasure of working closely with Sabrina over the past few months. We are also excited to endorse her for this role and to offer a happy child care center home for her 3-year old son, PJ.
We ask our TBC family to consider and approve this recommendation.
Voting is open now until Sunday, July 3. You may vote electronically by clicking here.
A paper ballot will be available on Sunday morning, July 3, if you wish to vote using that method. Remember, you are only allowed to vote once and must be a member of TBC.
With Gratitude,
Jessica Corbitt
Woody jenkins
Anita McCarty
Margaret Ailes
Erin Braford
Dan Hernan
Penny Jenkins
Donna Soyars
Jim Soyars

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