Greetings, Tab! It’s hard for me to believe that this time last year, I was writing my very first quarterly report. Oh, what a beautiful thing 🙂

So much has happened in the past year, and in fact, so much has happened in just the past few months! It’s been a busy first quarter around here, as we transitioned into 2019, celebrated Epiphany and Lent, and continue on this journey of life and faith together.

Here are some highlights:


  • We are excited to announce that we are working on the development of a Church Mobile App! Hope Cutchins (Communications Coordinator), Susan Lumpkin (Financial Assistant), Steve Law (Church Treasurer), and I have been exploring this possibility and it was recently approved by the Administrative Board. We are excited about the versatility this will offer to help us to improve communication and simplify our online giving process.
  • We hired Jerusha Moses as Minister to Children and Families in the the fall of 2018, knowing that it was likely Tabernacle would play a role in her application for her R1 Religious Workers visa. In February we were thrilled to submit all of the appropriate paperwork to USCIS on Jerusha’s behalf! At this time, Jerusha has been required to step away from her official role at Tabernacle. We grateful for the amazing leadership of the Children’s Ministry Team that has stepped in to lead in her absence.
  • In February, the Nominating Committee presented a new slate of leaders for our Boards & Committees that was subsequently approved by the congregation. No surprise here—we have amazing lay leaders! In addition to our typical slate, the Nominating Committee proposed for us a new structure for our Building & Grounds Committee, growing it from 3 members to 5. In April, this committee had their first meeting and delegated out various areas of maintenance and upkeep to each member, to help share the load of this important work.
  • Alongside the restructuring of Building and Grounds, the Administrative Board approved a trial job description for Vincent Sallie as Building Services Coordinator for the year 2019. This position recognizes Vincent’s role beyond custodial responsibilities and makes Vincent the official staff liaison for the Building and Grounds Committee.

Spiritual Formation

  • In January and February, Burdette Robinson and Jennifer Law kicked off our new TBC 101 and TBC 201 classes, for those interested in learning more about Tabernacle or considering membership in our community.
  • In February and March we launched two new small groups: The Glen Allen Small Group, which meets on Sunday evenings at homes in Glen Allen, and The Tab Small Group, which meets on Sunday mornings in the church building. We are still working on supporting these groups and getting them off to a strong start. If you are interested in a small group, both groups are accepting new members!
  • In March, I led the first Deacon Discernment Retreat. This was a time for our deacons to gather and pray, to learn about their Spiritual Gifts and discern where they feel called to use these gifts in the life of Tabernacle in the coming year. We had 17 Deacons participate, and it was a joy to be together and learn more about one another and what God is doing among us.
  • We kicked off Lent with an Ash Wednesday worship service marked by contemplation and quiet. I loved playing a role in the collaboration of this service and seeing it come to fruition. A special thanks to Marshall Powell for his amazing contribution on the banjo! Marshall had not yet led in worship for us, and it was a portion of the service enjoyed by all!
  • Also in Lent, I offered a 6-week Wednesday night series entitled Everyday Spirituality. A diverse group gathered on Wednesday nights in the Fellowship Hall to consider what a spiritual practice is, and how these practices can become a part of the fabric of our lives. We explored the practices of Getting Lost, Having a Body, Meditation, Encountering Others, and Feeling Pain.

Personal Life

  • Yes, even pastors have personal lives! And a tremendous number of things have happened in mine in the past few months! In January, I started house hunting, and after a few false starts, closed on a sweet little home in the Lakeside neighborhood in February. A big thanks to Jim McMurray who walked through this process with me so graciously. I’m excited to be putting down roots here in Richmond, and my pup is so grateful to have a yard again!
  • In February, JJ and I got engaged! JJ and I met here at Tabernacle, on my second Sunday in Worship, and it has been wonderful to have the support of our church community as we move into this next season of engagement and marriage. I’ve told many colleagues that I cannot imagine doing this in any other congregation and being offered such support, yet without any prying or gossip. Thank you walking with us as we journey together!

It is a blessing to be with you, Tabernacle. Thank you for loving me, and letting me love you!

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