I still remember the day that I met Sterling for lunch, and we talked about the possibility of my serving as an intern at Tabernacle. Little did I know how that conversation would shape my future both personally and professionally. From the moment I set foot in the church, I was greeted with warmth, kindness, love and care. Over the course of my internship, the people of Tabernacle allowed me to try on the role of minister and to explore my calling.

They affirmed me when I needed encouragement and challenged me when I needed growth. They cheered Nathan and me on when we got engaged, and they nurtured us as we began married life together. When the call came for Nathan to serve at Central, we received a gracious send off with bread for the journey. We have such fond memories of our days at Tabernacle and only wish we could have stayed longer. I remain forever grateful that we were a part of the Tabernacle family for this season of our lives. This special church and its people will always hold a dear place in my heart.


Bryn Bagby Taylor

Bryn is the Director of Spiritual Formation at the University of Richmond and served as a Pastoral Intern in Tabernacle during the 2004-2005.

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