This week, Tabernacle celebrates 127 years of worship and ministry together! We hope you will make plans to join us on Sunday as we celebrate the arrival of this important milestone as we both celebrate our heritage and cast our eyes forward into the future. Over the past three months we have talked, listened, asked questions, written and read testimonies, and prayed about what Tabernacle means in our lives and for our families.  Over a dozen of us have declared how the Lord has led them on paths they did not know he would lay out for them.   We have witnessed growth both within ourselves and in the congregation.  This is a truly inspired time.

May 18th, 2014 is “Celebration Sunday” where each of us will have the opportunity to bring our building fund-raising commitment card to Church and place it on the Lord’s altar.   At the same time we place our faith in God as we look to changes that we will see in the years ahead.

Thank you for taking time to seriously consider your financial contribution to our “Our God-Sized Vision”.  Continue to pray for Tabernacle, your role in our future, and how we all work together to realize whatever it is that God has in store for us.  The Lord knows the way and will lead us towards it.  On “Celebration Sunday”, most of all, we celebrate being together in a loving, caring family of people.

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