I see God at work at Tabernacle through the adults in the way they work with the children. Many adults have helped me to use my God-given gifts to serve Jesus. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the choirs, including the All-State Choir. We get to help lead in worship in all kinds of ways. On Easter Sunday, we brought in the Christ Candle. Each kid was paired up with an adult. We read scripture in worship and help to collect the offering on second Sundays. Worship bags have been created for the children to help us understand who Jesus is and help us participate in worship. ┬áThe Sunday School, Worship Explorer, Nursery, and Godly Play teachers help us learn about the Bible and create fun activities to help us learn. I’ve made lots of friends at church. We help each other in lots of ways and love each other as family.

I was baptized two years ago on June 6. It was a very special day for me and my family. Mrs. Spain stood in the water with me to represent the entire congregation. I asked her to do this because she has always been a role model to me and is an important part of my life. Tabernacle is full of adults like Mrs. Spain who have been good examples to the children. They serve the church lovingly and help us to become the people God wants us to be. They encourage us to be leaders.


A Prayer for Tabernacle Baptist Church

  • I pray that Tabernacle will always be a place where children are welcome.
  • I pray that Tabernacle will help families spend more time together.
  • I pray that Tabernacle will never doubt the things God can do through the lives of children.

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