Even though sometimes we do not know exactly what God’s will is for us individually and as a group, we do know from our lived experiences as refugees that God is with us and showers us with uncountable blessings.  We came from northern Burma as refugees.  We also belong to Lisu tribe.  Lisu people are believed to have originated from the area of Mongolia, and by 400 BC, they were believed to have dispersed from that area.

One of the greatest blessings we have received from God is the Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Regardless of differences in culture and language. Tabernacle has embraced us as one of its own in Christ Jesus in the spirit of brotherhood.  Individuals and families at Tabernacle have extended their warm welcome which helps us experience God’s love and presence in the community.  Moreover, they are teaching us English at our homes, giving us bakery training every week, providing us with transportation to attend church services and also a great space to worship in our own language.  These are only just a few, but everything about Tabernacle tells God’s love and how much he cares for us.

We pray that Tabernacle will continue to be a light and salt in the world.

Bya Wann

TBC Family Photo - World Communion Sunday-  October 2013

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