New God-Sized Vision Construction & Renovation Committee: On Sunday, July 27, 2014, the church met for a quarterly business meeting after morning services.  Nelson Melton presented the new committee structure and answered some questions relevant to the proposed construction. After his presentation the majority voted to proceed with the new Construction & Renovation Committee, charged with managing and planning the upcoming construction and renovation work.  Meetings for the new committee are starting, and updates will be regularly provided in the TAB and other church communication tools.


Background Information

The original Renovation Committee was formed in 2008 and was charged with recommending what the church should do with the two houses adjacent to the church and not used by the church in over 10 years.  Later the objective was broadened to include a ministry-based study of all the space needs of the church.

The original committee recommended that the two houses be demolished and a new addition erected in their place.  The new space would house the new church offices and new Child Care Center offices.  Also recommended was the addition of an elevator in the Williams building which would serve the three floors of the Williams building, plus two floors of the church.  The Child Care Center space would also be updated to receive a new kitchen and dining room area.   Other related renovations would be carried out in the Sunday school areas, office areas, as well in the basement in and around the Fellowship Hall and Community Room.  As funds and plans permit, the third floor area of the Williams building could house a new summer intern bunk room area and two apartments which might be used by visiting missionaries or church interns.

The congregation voted in 2011 to proceed with planning to accomplish the proposed construction, with estimated costs that would require the raising of an estimated $2,000,000.

Tabernacle contracted with Don Campbell of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board to act as our consultant for the fundraising campaign.  Several new teams were formed, including the Campaign Leadership Team who would manage the fund raising program.   The Campaign Leadership Team began work in February 2014 and completed its primary mission in June 2014, when $1,401,784 was committed to the construction program by our congregation.


Purpose of the Construction & Renovation Committee

This new committee is charged with the complete oversight of the construction and renovation project, including the management and expenditure of all current and future committed funds required for the project.

Reporting to the Construction & Renovation Committee will be three teams.

Construction Management Team – will be responsible for the decision-making and supervision of the architect, engineers and contractor who have been hired for the construction and renovation work.

Follow Up Team (carry-over from fund raising campaign) – will continue to raise additional funds to meet construction costs

Communications Team – will develop and maintain a high level of communication with the congregation, with particular focus on reporting of the spending of donated funds and how the work is progressing.



 Members of the Construction & Renovation Committee and Supporting Teams

 Construction & Renovation Committee Construction Management Team: Sterling Severns, Nelson Melton, Kathy McGraw, John Gass, Jim McMurray, Jim Soyars, Bill Welstead, Nelson Melton

Fund Raising Follow-Up: Bill Welstead, Linda Southworth, Jim McMurray, Donna Soyars

Team Communications Team: Donna Soyars, Eleanor Brown

Note:  Additional committee/team members are under consideration at this time, and more information will be available regarding those resources in the near future.


Physical Handling of the Committed and Received Funds: Evanne Benson, the church’s Financial Assistant, has the responsibility to receive all commitment cards and actual funds.  A detail accounting will be maintained by Ms. Benson in order to control the cash funds received, as well as to match each person’s commitment to recorded received funds.

Received funds will be deposited in a separate account with Sun Trust Bank.  Tabernacle has a long running relationship with this bank

Disbursement of funds from the account will be only by check.  Each check will require the signature of two people.  Currently Jim McMurray, Bill Welstead and Nelson Melton are authorized to sign checks.


Next Steps

The Committee will be meeting over the next two months to further define project scope, create a committee implementation plan and initiate a potential schedule for preliminary tasks in conjunction with the selected architect.  The Fund Raising Follow-Up Team will also be working to continue fund-raising efforts.

We sincerely appreciate your interest and involvement in this important part of Tabernacle’s history.  Please use the “Embracing a God-Sized Vision” mailbox near the church Meadow entrance to deliver any questions you might have to our Construction & Renovation Committee.  We will respond to you in a timely manner.

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