At Tabernacle we follow the Christian year in our cycles of worship. Each season of the year reminds us of certain truths contained in scripture and helps us focus on what is most important about following God. The lectonary is divided into three different years with each of the synoptic Gospels taking the center stage. The Gospel of John is divided and used during special seasons during all three years. We are currently in the third year; year C which follows the Gospel of Luke.

Today, marks the beginning of the Epiphany Season (January 6 – February 10, 2013). The Biblical basis for Epiphany is in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 2, verses 1-11. It is the story of the visit of scholars from a distant land to honor a new born child who would be important to the whole human race. Epiphany is a time for expanding the vision of Christian people. Stories of Jesus in the Gospels are emphasized during this season as we grow to see Jesus more clearly, it is like a light growing ever brighter.  The colors used are white, gold and green.


Worship Leaders: Dick Denzler, Samuel UC Lian, Molly Huffstetler, Kathy McGraw, and the Church Staff.

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