For the past six weeks, several of our 3rd-5th grade children have been participating in our Everyone Worship program. They have spent time learning about the elements of worship, communion, baptism, and the Narrative Lectionary. They have been led each week by Penny Jenkins. Today, we celebrate that they are completing this program.

The children enjoyed the “hands on” experiences, like taking communion and visiting the church baptistery. They learned about the church calendar (now they know about the different liturgical seasons). They children also loved getting to know Miss Penny!

Penny says, “I have been pleased to have them come into class sharing that they had used the order of worship to see what we would be talking about in the class.  When I would ask them about something that had happened in the service that morning, they could answer my question.  They had been paying attention.  More importantly, as we would discuss things in class, I was impressed by the things about the Bible and Tabernacle that they already knew from participating in Sunday School classes and being attentive in worship services.”

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