Fire System Installation for the Williams Building

On February 11, 2022 our neighborhood Fox Elementary School went up in flames, causing extensive damage.  As a congregation, we offered to assist the staff, parents, and children in any way that we could in support of the aftermath of this unfortunate event.  In months prior to this fire, we as a Building & Grounds Committee had been discussing how we would address our own concerns regarding safety for our buildings that are also in a similar age range as Fox Elementary.  It was this in combination with other security concerns for our child care center that led us to take more direct action in the area of safety and security for all of us.

In June 2022 a team of staff and volunteers completed a walk through of all of our buildings with Noah Rogers, a specialist in safety and security with the Baptist General Association of Virginia, to assess and begin to prioritize our needs.  We created an initial action plan, taking into consideration the daily use of the Williams Building and the need to focus on the safety of the children in our care.  That assessment led us to begin immediately to address the need for a fire alarm system in the Williams Building.

The B&G Committee researched and obtained bids for the installation of a system that would fit our specifications.  With your support and the support of TCCC parents, we agreed to work with Fire Protection LLC to complete the work.  Installation started in February of this year, and it was completed on schedule on March 22nd, with training for several members of our TCCC and TBC staff provided on that day.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s help and support in making this important safety step possible.  Please take any opportunity you have to extend special thanks to TCCC and Endowment Board partners, understanding that TCCC is covering about 65% of the cost of this project and our Endowment Board is paying about 25% of the project costs.  We look forward to continuing to work together as we implement more safety steps in the months ahead!

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