As we gather, let us wonder. As we wonder, may we worship.

On Wednesday nights, the children of Tabernacle gather together to engage in the Bible through Godly Play. Godly Play is a creative Bible story technique that encourages children (ages Pre-K to 5th) to imagine themselves as part of the story and to wonder freely about the biblical narrative. They are also encouraged to respond to the stories through art and play. The rooms are filled with the children’s artwork – come check it out!

Our curriculum matches up with the narrative lectionary. So, this Fall we engaged the stories of the Old Testament, from Abraham to Esther! As we move into the Spring, Godly Play will spend some time learning Parables from the book of Matthew before engaging Lenten stories.

Our Godly Play team is dedicated to walking alongside the children as we learn together. Christen Schumacher, Anna Tuckwiller, Ryan Corbitt, Kristen Koger, Joe Perdue, and Megan Strollo serve each week with the children.

Visitors are always welcome to join us and experience the wonder and worship that occurs each week in Godly Play!

Megan Strollo, on behalf of the Godly Play Team

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