Did you know that we have a brand new sound system on the way? 

Did you know that a generous donor has helped us to purchase of a brand new sound system? The soon-to-be installed system will help us to enhance sound quality for those physical present in the Sanctuary and also to share the service neighbors in every corner of the world! We are looking for a handful of folks to help learn the new system and work in a rotation on Sunday mornings at either the sound board, podcast station and/or livestream station.

The new soundboard will give us a tremendous amount of flexibility and the new speakers will greatly enhance the listening experience for worship participants in the Sanctuary. The new system also features hearing assistance devices!

Our Live Stream  ministry continues to gain momentum.  While on average live attendance is under six viewers, our regular attendees are able to keep a vivid digital connection to the family. Where Live Stream clearly has seen an increase is the number of views post live Worship. There has been an increase from 20 average views to 40 average views per week in the 30 days that follow the service.

The Podcast Ministry enables our church family, immediate and extended alike, to listen to the services. Unlike the LiveStream, we are able to archive all of our worship services. The search feature on the website makes the entire library of Worship Services, and Wednesday Night Bible Studies, accessible. Listeners can also subscribe via their portable devices for automatic downloads.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers to come upstairs in the balcony to observe our current system and begin to learn the basics. Ideally, we would like a rotation of volunteers so that everyone has ample opportunity to worship downstairs, alongside the majority of the congregation.

Interested in learning more? Just swing by the sound board the next time your present on a Sunday morning. TBC Worship 201612


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