We prayed for many years for God to bring children back into our collective lives as a church family. God has answered our prayers as life abounds.  The blessing God has bestowed upon us comes with great joy and also great responsibility. I would like ask each of you to find a way in 2013 to invest more resources and energy into the nurture, care, and spiritual development of our children, teenagers, and their families. The staff and leaders in this ministry area will continue to find ways to equip the congregation and also provide opportunities for service. Some opportunities will involve major time commitments while others will be minimal.

The opportunity I would like to share with you this week falls under the “minimum time commitment” column but will have some profound influence in the lives our young people. The Pastoral Staff provides worship Bags for our children each Sunday morning. The bags contain bookmarks for hymns and scripture passages, a Bible, etc.  We create unique worksheets each week to help guide the children through the service.

  • We need 10-20 adults willing to stay after worship…. for 10 brief minutes…..once a month…..to receive the completed worksheets from the children.
  • The mentors will give a prize (provided by the church) to each child that brings their worksheet  to the back of the Sanctuary and, more importantly, offer each child a word of encouragement.

It is amazing to see what edification can do in the life of a child. This wonderful/simple opportunity  will help our children engage in worship in new ways.  I ask for your prayerful consideration.  Interested servants can sign up at the link provided in the comment below.


Yours in Christ,


Sterling W. Severns, Pastor

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