Step 1: Sign-up for a Search Team on this webpage (see below)

Determine if you want to create your own Search Team of 5-6 people and sign up together or allow us put you on a team of some amazing fellow sojourners. 

Step 2: We’ll reach out to your group 

We’ll help your team make introductions and provide a large menu of opportunities, some with pre-assigned dates and others completely flexible. 

Step 3: Team selects three unique events 

Your team will make three event selections and we’ll proceed in getting your team the details. 

Step 4: Team participates in the 1st event

Step 5: Team shares a meal and reflects upon the Spirit’s movement among us

After event one, team will schedule a time to share a meal and share your hearts with one another. 

You all determine the date, time and venue/menu. We’ll provide the conversation guide and or a facilitator. 

*** Repeat Steps 4 and 5….a couple more times. 

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