The Leadership Roundtable is now half-way through our initial 60-days of focus to move our church forward in our Season of Renewal.  You may recall that in our meeting on August 28th, the group agreed to form three action teams, meant to focus on areas of concern you expressed in Listening Sessions with Mark Tidsworth.  Those teams are:

  1. Reconnecting and Connecting as a church – renewing and building relationships and community (including pastor-church relationship) – Leader, Erin Braford with assistance from John Gass
  2. Advancing Youth and Children’s Ministry – Leaders, Mark and Katye Snipes
  3. Advancing Hospitality Ministry – Leader Woody Jenkins, with assistance from Jerry Jones

We also launched a Mutual Ministry Team, whose purpose is to address people-pastor relationships.  Team members include Barb Satterwhite, Martin Tiller, Jerry Jones, and Sterling Severns.  Their goal is to work together to create a mutual agreement that clarifies expectations for pastor, leadership and communication among all of us.  This team will likely evolve over time, possibly with more engagement of the pastoral staff and other leaders after its initial 90-day focus period, helping to keep a pulse on relationships and trust for all of us.

In our most recent meeting, facilitated by Mark Tidsworth on September 25th, each team provided a progress report.  All teams have met in person and/or online to establish purpose, priorities, and key next steps.  Look for individual updates from these teams in the TAB in the weeks ahead.  Please know that our work is being coordinated, and we are attempting to consider our capacity for volunteer effort in all activities that we are suggesting.  And we are considering resources that may be beyond our walls to help us achieve our goals.

Mark Tidsworth will return on-site on the weekend of October 28th and 29th.  On Saturday, the Leadership Roundtable will gather again in a session facilitated by Mark for updates from each team and to add some additional strategic thinking to our next period of focus.  Mark your calendars to join us after worship on Sunday, October 29th for a session facilitated by Mark Tidsworth, leading us all in discussing next steps in TBC’s Season of Renewal. Lunch will be provided.

Please continue to pray that we listen to God and each other as we do His work and strive to be His light in our community every day.  We walk this path of renewal together, and hope that you will continue to pray for all of us for wisdom, compassion, and continued love for each other as we move forward. 

‘God simply loves us. This love is based on the identity and character of God, not on our worthiness.  God’s love is gift, pure and simple. “  Excerpt page 170, Shift, written by Mark Tidsworth

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