On April 15 and 16, we held an in-town Marriage Enrichment Retreat. Seven couples gathered together at the church and discussed John Gottman’s book¬†The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Couples spent time discussing how to deepen their relationships with each other, discussing how to handle different types of marital conflict, and shared their own experiences in their marriages and how they have gotten through difficult times and celebrated times when their marriage is thriving. The retreat provided the space for couples to gather together and be open and honest with each other, to know that they aren’t alone in this journey called “marriage,” and to have some tools and resources on hand for when they need them in their marriage’s future.
“We had a great time at the marriage retreat/workshop sponsored by Tabernacle Baptist Church this weekend. It’s always helpful to have some time to think, talk and pray about our marriage…and besides that, we loved having the chance to spend some “hanging-out” time with folks from church with whom we’ve only had a Sunday-morning-hello relationship.” – Beth McMahon

We hope to offer a marriage enrichment retreat at least once a year, in addition to having our Marriage Enrichment group that meets weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:30. If you would like to be involved in some of the planning for these events, or have interest in joining our Marriage Enrichment events, please contact Art Wright.

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