The mission of One Voice Chorus is singing the beauty and power of diversity. One Voice Chorus is a non-profit, intentionally integrated chorus bringing a musically diverse range of excellent choral performances to people in Richmond, VA and wherever there are those who need to hear our voice. We are founded on the belief that all people benefit from an understanding of the diverse world around us. We are dedicated to the idea that uniting people together of different backgrounds promotes not only kindness and respect, but an embrace of those differences. By demonstrating there is so much more that unites us than divides us, we can help our community find the power in our collective strength. We are better together.

Susan Compton has been a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church since September 2012. She began singing in the TBC choir the following year. She joined the One Voice Chorus in 2016 as a first soprano, and loves the variety of music the group presents. “Each year the One Voice Chorus presents three performances — a classical concert, a program of spirituals, and a concert that rotates — sometimes Broadway, sometimes jazz, sometimes specific composers,” she explains. “We touch on different genres to try to reach as many people as possible.”

Learn more about the chorus, and get tickets for their March 30 performance at


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