Missions is one of the core values of Tabernacle and the youth had the opportunity to live out that core value at CBF Virginia’s Mission Madness a few weeks ago. 13 youth from Tabernacle came together with youth from 11 other churches to Walnut Hills Baptist Church in Williamsburg to spend a weekend volunteering and working to help Walnut Hills continue to do ministry well in Williamsburg. We were graciously hosted by the Fullertons (Jessica Corbitt’s parents) and we had an incredible weekend.

Our youth were divided and put on teams with other youth and sent out to do work in Williamsburg. Some did yard work, some prepped campsites for the summer, and some connected with community members to offer love, care, and comfort. Together, our team contributed over 84 hours of volunteer labor. While our brief efforts probably did not make a life-changing difference to anyone, we were glad to be representatives of and workers for the ministry that Walnut Hills has been doing for years and will be doing for many years to come. We helped establish a connection between the church and a new community, we prepared campsites that are now ready to receive kids and youth who will have meaningful experiences this summer, and we were changed as we worked and got to know one another better.

The youth who went to Mission Madness are Preston Lowery, Sophie and Jack Jones, Cole Severns, Sarala and Kaelyn Kennedy, Monica Lang, Ali Powell, Michael Mang, and Kanao, Kaeo, and Dylan Burgess. Kekoa Burgess participated as a worship leader for the weekend. When you see these youth over the next few weeks, take a moment to ask them about the weekend and what their experience was like! We want to bring our experiences and the things we learned back to our community here in Richmond and having folks ask us questions is one way that happens.

We’re also so thankful for Emily White for giving up her weekend to be a youth mentor and leader, and for Mark Snipes and CBF Virginia for hosting Mission Madness. We will be praying for the second Mission Madness weekend in April!

Tabernacle, thank you for supporting your youth and for helping make trips and experiences like this a possibility.

Grace and Peace,


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