“In person” participants, please show up with warm hearts and dressed in layers 🙂

Dear Church Family:

Upon routine maintenance a mechanic found some significant issues with the steam boiler that heats the sanctuary. Vincent, Donna, Jay, and Vassars Service are working diligently in addressing the problem. We won’t have heat in the Sanctuary this Sunday, Nov 21, and it’s possible the issue won’t be resolved for several weeks.

It may be difficult to obtain parts needed for the repair. The pace of the repair will be 100% determined by the pace of the supply chain. We know the timing of this is less than desirable. We’ll have a better lay of the land in the next few days and promise to communicate clearly as news surfaces.


  • Nov 21 is Christ the King Sunday, the last day in our Church Year. We will worship in the Sanctuary.
    In person” worshippers are encouraged to show up up with warm hearts and dressed in layers. As always, virtual participation is available through the livestream.
  • Let’s be careful not to make any assumptions about the longevity of the repair.
  • God has resourced us and will continue to provide resources to us.

We have the people we need to address the problem and should it be needed, we have an alternate space in the physical plant to accommodate corporate worship. The fellowship hall operates with a different heating system (with ionization). We’re an adaptive bunch by nature and, over the course of these last 20+ months, we’ve had a lot of practice.

Let’s cross the finish line of the liturgical year with trust that God is preparing us to participate in the transformation the world needs. Let’s start anew, walking with Jesus one faithful step at a time, as he brings order out of the chaos.

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