Recent Additions

Erin and Patrick Braford as they prepare for the birth of their firstborn child

Jane Denzler, as she prepares for shoulder surgery on Tuesday, the 25th

Betty Robertson, as she prepares for knee replacement surgery on Monday, the 24th

Pray that Eh Klu Paw and Mae La will find day care for their son, Eh La Htoo; also pray for Mae La’s mother in Thailand and cousins who live with her in order to go to school

We pray for expectant parents Seth and Miranda Jones, Sui Hnem and Thawng UK, Bar Htoo and Nwe Htoo, Ryan and Connelly Steward, John and Debbie Phillips, and Christian and Kathryn McMurray

Nell Mann in hospice care

Jenn and Jerry Jones’ friend, Rebecca Moak in Northern Virginia,┬áhaving surgery for broken leg

People of Haiti and flooding in Australia, Brazil, and Pakistan

Ruth Kane with broken shoulder

Continued Care

Marion Smith, Lindsay Comstock, John Davidson, Meesha Joshua, Andrew Kruse, Annie Tripp, the Coppages, Mang Khen, Jeff Van Heukelem, Brian Spiller, Linwood Fleming, Christian McGraw, Jay Hartman’s parents, Christa Smith

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