Dear Church Family,

We are thrilled that COVID numbers continue to improve! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer, but we are not there quite yet. We are, however, ready to move forward, especially in light of the new recommendations that have come from the CDC.

At the same time, we acknowledge that we are all in different places when it comes to feeling safe in the midst of a pandemic. Things are heading in the right direction…..but we feel that it is prudent to continue reopening the church in a phased approach. 

The next phase in our reopening protocol will begin THIS SUNDAY, June 27! So you know what to expect, here is what has changed:

  • Every major door of the church will be open and available for you to enter. Sign-ins will still be required and each major entrance will have a sign in sheet.
  • Starting this Sunday you will no longer be required to wear masks when you are seated in your pod if you are fully vaccinated. We will continue to have social distancing, but people in the same pod may sit together without masks on. If you are moving around the building or singing (except for choir leaders) please do still wear masks. Children have not been able to get the vaccine and we want to make young families feel comfortable in our space. 
  • We can begin to share meals and drink coffee together again! We do ask that in this phase you stay socially distanced when you are eating together.

Grace and Peace!

Tab Protocol Team

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