After a number of years of research, discussions with key stakeholders, evaluation of the church structure, and design concept considerations, Tabernacle Baptist church launched our God-Sized Vision Campaign in the Fall of 2013.  A consultant was secured to guide us in fundraising planning and volunteers were enlisted to lead us in upcoming fundraising activities.  

It is hard to believe that was three years ago!  Our blessing of ongoing growth during these three years means that there a quite a few of us that were not members when all of this started.  And those who were here may appreciate a refresher in what has happened over that time.  

God-Sized Vision Highlights


Next Steps

The Construction & Renovation Committee has made a commitment to continually engage our entire congregation in the steps we take.  We are currently evaluating another possible approach to making our Williams Building accessible by an elevator.  Once we have completed the feasibility analysis and the cost analysis for this new approach, we will announce our findings—planned for the January business meeting if not before.   

After paying for all Fellowship Hall changes, rerouting of gas service, new Williams Building roof, new HVAC system for the sanctuary, and all professional fees and services our remaining available God-Sized Vision funds are $657,426. This is dependent upon all committed funds being collected.  

Please do not hesitate at any time to contact a member of the Construction & Renovation Committee to ask questions or to provide your input.  Your participation in realizing our vision is important and very much appreciated!  Your ongoing prayers for guidance and grace in this process are greatly appreciated.

Committee Members:  Nelson Melton, Bill Welstead, Jim McMurray, Kathy McGraw, Donna Soyars, Sterling Severns

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