During our recent Quarterly Business Meeting, Nelson Melton provided church members present with an important update from the Construction & Renovation Committee.    For those of you who were not able to attend that church meeting, Nelson plans to repeat this update on a Wednesday night in the near future, and perhaps again on a Sunday prior to church services.  We want everyone to be aware of the necessary changes to the originally planned phases of construction and related costs.  And if you would like a refresher for information that you have heard, we will be showing the presentation on the video monitor in the Meadow Street foyer in the near future.

Increased Costs
Our General Contractor, Kjellstrom & Lee, received actual bids from the Richmond construction market based on finalized architectural drawings.  Our finalized drawings reflect the due diligence completed by our architectural firm, Huff-Morris, addressing the City’s interpretation of National Fire Code and City building codes.  The bids obtained and summarized are indicative of a larger scope of work than the Construction & Renovation Committee knew about before completion of all of the architectural due diligence with the City.  The larger scope of work includes:

  • Add a Sprinkler System/Pump House for the Williams Building
  • Install Larger Water Pipes to the Church Building to Maintain Water Pressure
  • Complete Asbestos Abatement for the Williams Building, Needed When We Add the Sprinkler System
  • Install a New Electrical Service for the Williams Building
  • Totally Separate the Williams Building and Church Building to Meet Fire Code Requirements by such changes as permanently closing some windows on the Williams Building Side of the Church Building
    Note:  If we do not implement the fire code requirements outlined by the City to totally separate the Williams Building and the Church building, we would need to install a sprinkler system in both the Williams Building and the entire Church building.  The cost and functional requirements of adding a sprinkler system to the Church would be prohibitive.

In addition to the larger scope of work, construction costs have gone up significantly over the past year and a half.  These factors combined result in the actual bids for our planned changes to be double what the cost was estimated to be in late 2013.  Our previous estimate was around $2 million.  The actual costs today total $4 million.

What Do We Do Next?

The Construction & Renovation Committee recommends that we proceed with the next four sequences of construction, with sequences modified from what was planned and presented in our last update.  The sequence shown below starts with Sequence 2, understanding that we completed Sequence 1 this past summer with improvements made in the Fellowship Hall area.   Details for how we proceed with Sequences 3 – 5 will be revealed in January 2016, after we have had the opportunity to engage more of our congregation in decisions needed related to that construction.  Current funds raised will be used to complete this work.

  • Sequence 2.  Remove Asbestos in Row Houses, Obtain Demolition Permit from Richmond City, Add New Roof for the Williams Building
  • Sequence 3.  Complete New Church Building Gathering Place
  • Sequence 4. Relocate Existing Church Offices
  • Sequence 5. Complete New Church Building Sunday School Classrooms

Sequences 6 – 10 as shown below will require raising additional funds.  Bill Welstead and the Follow-up Sub-Committee are working on fundraising strategies that will enable us to finish the work in these sequences.  This is a challenge that we know God will guide us through.  This is not the first time that our Church has been at a crossroads.  As in the past, we will continue extraordinary efforts to meet this challenge, knowing that the changes to be made in our structures are meant to nurture our spiritual missions.  With your prayers and support, we will realize the Vision that God has for us.  This is our story, and it is a story of faith.

  • Sequence 6. Move Child Care & Family Ministry Operations into Church Building
  • Sequence 7. 
    • Demolish the Two Row Houses
    • Complete Construction of Office Complex, Child Care & Family Ministries Space, & Demolition of 3rd Floor
    • Remove Asbestos in the Williams Building
    • Install Sprinkler System in New Offices & Williams Building
    • Install New Elevator
    • Remodel the Williams bldg. 1st and 2nd Floors
    • Sequence 8. Landscape & Hardscape of New Area in Front of New Offices
    • Sequence 9. Move Child Care Operation back into the William’s Building; New Church and Child Care offices are occupied
    • Sequence 10. Remodel Third floor of the William’s Building for New Parsonages and Visiting Student Bunk Rooms.

As always, feel free to reach out to any of our committee members for information related to our Construction and Renovation plans.   Committee members include:  Nelson Melton, Bill Welstead, Kathy McGraw, Jim McMurray, Sterling Severns, and Donna Soyars.

Your continued prayers for our Vision and how we realize that Vision are greatly appreciated!

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