The Tabernacle family welcomed our family with open arms, graced us with the space we needed to rest, breathe, grow, and hear from the Lord. From our first entrance, we knew we were at home among fellow travelers. Worship was a place alive with wonder, creativity, and beauty… God’s Spirit blessing the conglomeration of people, talents, styles, and gifts. My son was baptized and you celebrated.

You ordained me to go out from among you to serve and we celebrated together. The time shared there was life-changing, life-giving. Thank God for the beautiful people who have made up and are making up the church at Tabernacle, our family still.

Rev. Anna Perry Miller

Anna was ordained at Taberancle Baptist Church on November 1, 2009 and serves as Pastor at Richmond’s Westhunt Baptist Church. Dean Miller, Anna’s husband, serves as┬áDisaster Relief and Virginia Missions Coordinator/Glocal Missions Team Member at the Virginia Baptist Mission Board.

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